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The oldest of our 2 cats had to be put down today....

She dissappeared about 3 weeks ago, then came back last saturday -we'd given up hope we would ever see her again- but skin over bones and very weak. Went to the vet, they kept her for a few days, got a little bit better, then got her home on monday. Had to give her medicine and force-feed her since she still wouldn't eat, thinking it would get better once she gained some weight. Except that didn't happen. Called vet again, they got back the last of the testresults....apparently she had Feline immunodeficiency virus or FIV, which is related to the human version. And whatever happened during her dissapearance must have triggered it, going into feline AIDS ='( 
She was obviously miserable, and it would never have gotten better, so we had to put her to sleep. *cries* (The other option was leaving her starving to death, probably with a lot of pain from whatever infection she was dying from, which I would never. ever. allow.)

To make matters worse, it's possible our other cat has the FIV too. We're getting that one to the vet tommorow for a test (which only takes minutes apparently). If he doesn't have it, he can and will be vaccinated. If he does happen to have it....oh god I don't wanna think that far. Losing the older one is worse enough (just thinking about her sitting on that exam table, looking tiny and miserable makes me cry....)
 Please, please, please, please let the other cat be healthy.....????


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